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Marlin caught while trolling in Cabo San Lucas
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Last Minute Charter Fishing Specials in Cabo San Lucas CABO CHARTER FISHING DEALS

Call (435) 513-3333 (US) or email us to check for availability of our last minute charter fishing specials!
There's times when we don't have a charter booked and one of our boats stays at the docks... we don't like that. We'd much rather be out fishing! So much so that we're willing to let our charters go at amazing discounts... but not very often. See if we're itchin' to go fishin' with nobody aboard. Just call (435) 513-3333 or send us an email and ASK FOR THE LAST MINUTE SPECIAL!!
Lady Marlin, Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charter Fishing Boat

Full day, all inclusive*: $900 USD
Half day, all inclusive: $700 USD
Full day, bare boat: $650 USD
Half day, bare boat: $500 USD

MULTIPLE DAY BOOKING DISCOUNT: Book 2 days, get 5% off the second day. Book 3 of more days, get 10% off third and subsequent days.

*All inclusive charters includes licenses, bait, lunch and drinks for 4 anglers.


CABO SAN LUCAS CHARTER FISHING TRIPSHome of the Cabo Fishing Academy... We Teach, YOU FISH!
Cabo San Lucas and southern Baja offer what just might be the best fishing to be found anywhere on earth. We're lucky to have a unique location where the waters of the Eastern Pacific ocean merge with the Sea of Cortez creating a nutrient-rich enviroment where pelagic and home-guard game fish species congregate.... in BIG, BIG numbers. So if you're an angler looking for your first Cabo fishing experience, you're in for a trip of a lifetime. If you've already fished our waters, you know what to expect and the dream of catching a trophy fish is just a cast or troll away.

What makes us different than most fishing charter fleets in Cabo San Lucas is that we think you, the angler and our customer, should be the one to experience every aspect of fishing in Baja. That means learning how to rig lures and baits... how to pitch a bait to a teased fish coming up the spread... how to set the hook, PROPERLY...... and most important, how to land your fish, whether you intend on releasing or keeping the catch.

We call it our Cabo Fishing Academy. The majority of sport fishing charter companies here in Cabo do all these things for you, whether you want them to or not. We think the decision should be yours. You want to learn it all? We'll teach you. You want us to do the work? No problem. What you want is what you get aboard one of our fishing charters.... we're here to make your fishing trip a trip of a lifetime!

Cabo Fishing Reports: The Fishing in Cabo is Getting Hot!!
2014's Amazing Early Spring Bite Is HOT, HOT, HOT!!
Every year come Spring, the waters off Los Cabos go through some pretty interesting changes. Water temps and color shift into large areas of cool, greenish water with few significant temp breaks. Winds come and go with glass calm seas one day followed by choppy seas the next. While the Pacific tends to bear the brunt of the winds the Sea of Cortez gets its fair share of a blow, too. As time marches towards mid and late Spring the winds die down and warm water plumes spread out like fingers sneaking between canyon walls pushed towards the surface by deep cold water currents. It's that deep, cold and nutrient rich water that marks the beginning of prime fishing time as the upwelling of life-laden waters brings a parade of pelagics to the party. What's unusual this year is that we never did get a big drop in water temps.... most fishing areas still hold mid-70 degree water and that makes for some incredible fishing during what is normally a slow time of year. April, May, June and beyond promise great things but let's talk about the great things already happening here in Cabo... in March!!. continue reading.....